Teamwork for Cyber Victories

While attendees at MAPI’s upcoming Cybersecurity Forum will hear from such manufacturers as Rockwell, Siemens, and Kennametal, the program will also feature outside speakers who are among the leading thinkers in the rapidly evolving area of cyber protection.

Among them will be Mr. Gary Gagnon, senior vice president and chief security officer at the well-respected Mitre Corporation. Mr. Gagnon is gaining national attention for his concept of a “neighborhood watch” approach to cybersecurity, a paradigm with profound implications for manufacturing supply chains.

In an article in the Harvard Business Review, Gagnon noted that today’s business leaders are allocating more resources to cybersecurity yet appear to have less to show for their investment. He argues that the paradigm that businesses are using has not changed with the evolving reality of the threat. Most management teams try to prevent cyber attacks with a detailed, cumbersome, and expensive focus on their company’s internal networks, an approach that Gagnon likens to that of a soccer goalie turning his back on the field and staring at the net.

At the coming MAPI forum, Gary will argue that most businesses cannot guard against “sophisticated adversaries” on their own. Sharing threat data with other businesses generates a more complete picture of an adversary’s campaign tactics, a real advantage for preventing future attacks. Gary’s presentation will discuss how businesses can work together to improve the cybersecurity of all while protecting intellectual property and minimizing legal risks.

Mr. Gagnon’s cutting-edge presentation; the unique insights of Harry Raduege, chairman of the Deloitte Center for Cyber Innovation; and presentations from other marquee companies make MAPI’s December 5 Cybersecurity Forum in Rosemont, Illinois, an essential learning experience for all manufacturers, large and small.