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Six years past the trough of the great recession, it feels to many as if the aura of crisis still haunts the global economic landscape.  China’s slowdown, thankfully not a hard landing, has been more protracted than many expected.  The recent data from the Eurozone, while a bit... read more...
Henry Kissinger’s recent, monumental World Order traces the course of nation state relationships as launched by the Treaty of Westphalia in 1648, stressing the need to maintain a peaceful, rules-based system of sovereign states.  His focus is on political relationships and the... read more...
Kris Bledowski, Ph.D.
The “capital markets union” is a new proposal floated recently by the European Commission. In a recently-published paper I take stock of what might constitute a viable, integrated capital market.On any number of yardsticks Europe’s financial intermediation relies more deeply on... read more...
Without product management, a company runs the risk of not growing in big, bold ways. Far too often, manufacturers’ innovation efforts yield little more than minor changes to existing products, rather than new forms of customer value. In a MAPI survey this year, we found that... read more...

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    China and India Cyclical Analysis
    European Crisis and Impact on U.S. Manufacturing