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Repeat customers are more valuable than ever. A study of global M&A deals over a 10-year period found that customer relationship valuations had doubled, while brand valuations declined by nearly half. The bad news? Industrial manufacturers are trailing behind when it comes... read more...
Join us on August 19, 2015 1:00 p.m. ET for a webcast in which we will explore the findings of a recently published MAPI and Deloitte study that examines risk assessment practices at manufacturing companies, along with risk assessment and management techniques needed to satisfy... read more...
Kris Bledowski, Ph.D.
Even though Greece clinched a last-minute agreement with the EU to keep it afloat and within the Eurozone, major risks remain. Key among them are the possibility of a government collapse and new elections, the unwillingness and/or inability of the IMF to remain involved, and a... read more...
On August 25, Cliff Waldman, director of economic studies for the MAPI Foundation, will take MAPI members through the contours of what can only be described as an unstable global economic environment. Turbulent market swings never seem to end amidst a sluggish and uneven world... read more...

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Economic Outlook

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  • Kris Bledowski, Ph.D.
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