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  • The impact of robots on productivity and growth
    Robot Revolution
    Cliff Waldman
    Robots are advancing in capacity and use but will really take off when their power to generalize knowledge becomes a reality 
  • U.S. Industrial Outlook
    U.S. Industrial Outlook
    Dan Meckstroth
  • U.S. Trade Deficit
    U.S. Trade Deficit
    Ernie Preeg
    U.S. manufactured exports declined by 1% from 2014, imports were up by 5%, and the deficit surged by 19%, or by $48 billion, which equates to a trade-related loss of 300,000 American manufacturing...
  • European Industrial Outlook
    Global Outlook:
    Cliff Waldman
    With weak non-U.S. global growth and global deflation jitters likely to persist through 2015 and at least part of 2016, the strong dollar / weak oil combination will frame world economic developments...

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Even as technological advancement is taken for granted, robots mystify.  Are they really going to become human-like?  Can they replace humans?  Will they be our coworkers?I cite a number of respected roboticists in a just-completed article. Daniela Rus of MIT and Gill Pratt, who... read more...
I recently had the pleasure of being a guest on Manufacturing Talk Radio with hosts Tim Grady and Lew Weiss. These two gentlemen deserve great credit for being something that the U.S., and indeed the world, needs a lot more of—entrepreneurs. They have filled a much-needed gap in... read more...
Kris Bledowski, Ph.D.
The manufacturing recovery in Europe seems to have stalled. Industrial output growth is running flat, although there are pockets of strength in selected capital goods and consumer durables. Capital goods are receiving a boost from a less expensive euro and stronger exports while... read more...
U.S. exports of manufactures in July were $94 billion, down 4% from 2014, imports were $153 billion, up 1%, and the trade deficit soared to $59 billion, up by 11%, continuing the double-digit deficit growth during the first half of the year, as analyzed in the MAPI second... read more...

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