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  • China’s New Silk Road
    China’s New Silk Road
    Yingying Xu
    China will need to make considerable efforts to build up trust in targeted countries to achieve the benefits envisioned in the plan.
  • Cuba's Moment
    Cuba's Moment
    Cliff Waldman
    One challenge is weak investment—a negative for broad industrial development.  
  • Business Index Slips Slightly
    Business Index Slips Slightly
    Don Norman
    "The results of the January survey point to continued expansion of manufacturing activity heading into 2015, but at a slightly slower pace than in the latter half of 2014."
  • European Industrial Outlook
    European Industrial Outlook
    Kris Bledowski
    The recovery in Europe is sapped by a paucity of fiscal impulses and near-absence of centrally managed monetary stimulus. Economic sentiment has been treading water for half a year

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Black History Month generates valuable conversations about individuals’ contributions to civil rights movements and the arts. America has a rich history of black inventors, though, who might not come to mind as easily. I did some digging to find the people whose ideas change the... read more...
Kris Bledowski, Ph.D.
I made two public interventions recently, in two very different scenarios.First, I engaged with undergraduate students of American University’s Kogod School of Business. As a special guest speaker, I listened to their case study on Europe’s recessions, provided my critical... read more...
Following is an analysis from Cliff Waldman, director of economic studies for the MAPI Foundation, the research affiliate of the Manufacturers Alliance for Productivity and Innovation, regarding the January 2015 durable goods report.  “After a sharp contraction of 3.7% in... read more...
As 2015 picks up steam, one thing is clear: “this is the way we’ve always done it” has never been a less effective response to change. Manufacturers are operating in a climate of disruptive market forces, many of which are growing at exponential rates. What does it take to... read more...

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