MAPI: 80 Years and Counting

January 25, 2013

The Manufacturers Alliance for Productivity and Innovation (MAPI) is proud to celebrate its 80th year in 2013 in service to the industrial sector. MAPI launched on July 20, 1933, as the Machinery and Allied Products Institute, during the throes of the Great Depression, with headquarters in Chicago, IL.

According to a history of MAPI published in 1994, “the severity of the downturn led to a disbelief in fundamental economic truths.”

James W. O’Leary, MAPI’s first president, and others like him, assumed the task of educating the American people on how a vibrant manufacturing sector, in a society where workers are given the incentives to produce, could help the country achieve economic progress.

Fast forward 80 years.

MAPI (may-pie) is a thriving professional society, executive education entity, and economics research organization with offices in Arlington, VA. MAPI serves more than 500 corporate members and 2,300 senior manufacturing executives. Its widely renowned council program hosts peer network groups in 26 functional corporate areas, providing thought leadership and solutions to leaders of industry. The robust research program includes economic reviews and forecasts for regions around the globe and offers insightful analysis on important public policy matters.

“We are delighted to be celebrating our 80th anniversary in 2013, and going stronger than ever,” said MAPI President and CEO Stephen Gold. “It is a testament to those who have gone before and who set the vision that we begin our next 80 years continuing to provide our members with the tools to help them perform their jobs better. We are also mindful of the fact that we need to be adaptable to an ever-changing global environment with daily challenges and as yet unseen circumstances. Therefore, a core part of our mission is to remain flexible and innovative, and be immediately responsive to changing economic dynamics.”

In a bit of irony, among new initiatives to be introduced in 2013 is the inaugural MAPI Executive Summit presented by Deloitte, to be held May 15-17, 2013, in its birthplace of Chicago, IL.

Gold, who assumed his duties on March 1, 2011, is MAPI’s fifth president/CEO, following O’Leary (1933-1937); William J. Kelly (1937-1955); Charles W. Stewart (1955-1987); Kenneth McLennan (1987-2000); and Thomas J. Duesterberg (2000-2011).

Gold commissioned a special 80th anniversary logo as part of a year-long acknowledgment of the organization’s staying power and its commitment to serving the needs of its membership.

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