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A new group for executives from manufacturers with sales under $500M to share best practices. In addition to face-to-face meetings, members also have access to webinars, as well as our comprehensive library of white papers. In addition and perhaps most useful, members can survey their fellow members on pressing challenges.


The Value of MAPI

Lach Perks, CEO of mid-sized manufacturer Eclipse recently explained:

"Our company has benefited greatly from our relationship with MAPIWe use the council meetings for networking and testing our business improvement ideas as well as use the topics as catalysts for improving our business. For example, strategic pricing was initiated following my exposure at a MAPI meeting. This single initiative has improved the profitability of our company significantly. We have used the quick survey function amongst members to help us fine-tune an improvement initiative by tapping into other MAPI members’ experience implementing similar programs and asking them for advice and counsel. Being a member of MAPI is like having a cadre of experienced consultants at your doorstep.”



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