Webinar - Agile Manufacturing: Building Agility at the Plant Level

About This Meeting: 

Supply chain disruptions, demand swings, supplier insolvency, and global economic uncertainty are just a few of the risks that businesses face today. Agile operators thrive in this environment while their competitors struggle.

  Michel Richer, Engagement Manager, McKinsey & Company
  Sean Duffy, Engagement Manager, McKinsey & Company

In this webinar, Michel Richer and Sean Duffy from McKinsey & Company will discuss how to build Agility into your manufacturing plants.  Mr. Richer and Mr. Duffy will begin with the impact of agile operations and the link between Agile and Lean manufacturing. They will then discuss two specific ways to become more Agile: through labor flexibility and asset flexibility.

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Friday, September 6, 2013 - 1:00pm